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A Very Rare Ainu Sword with 17th Century Wakizashi Blade

Ainu Sword with 17th Century Wakizashi Blade

A very rare Ainu sword.

"Ainu" means "human". The Ainu people regard things useful to them or beyond their control as "kamuy"(gods). In daily life, they prayed to and performed various ceremonies for the gods. These gods include : "nature" gods, such as of fire, water, wind and thunder ; "animal" gods, such as of bears, foxes, spotted owls and gram-puses ; "plant" gods, such as of aconite, mush-room and mugwort ; "object" gods, such as of boats and pots ; and gods which protect houses, gods of mountains and gods of lakes. The word "Ainu" refers to the opposite of these gods.

The Ainu and their swords in Japan: The white-skinned “hairy Ainu” came from eastern Siberia to populate over half the area of modern Japan for seven thousand years. They came into conflict with the growing strength of the Japanese culture. The Ainu obtained Japanese swords and adapted them with accutrements representing their political, social, and religious beliefs.

In need of a polish, but an outstanding item with a clearly visible Yakiba. 

Collection or delivery item only.


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