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Here I have a superb early Shingunto in untouched original condirion (just the way I like to find them!). 

This blade could be by Endo Nagamitsu whose real name was Endo Eiji who was born in 1906. In 1924 he started training under Moritsugu Norisada. Nagamitsu became a Rikugun Jumei Tosho in 1939. His last known residence was Kurume-Shi (city), Suwano-cho. However, the 'Naga' character on this sword is in the style of Ichihara Nagamitisu. This could mean, of course, that this is an undocumented smith, but is more than likely to be the 'Nagamitsu' shown in Sesko, 2010: 249. This smith worked from 1926-1989 and lived in Gifu. His real name was 'Kawasaki Sen-Itsu'. Born 13/10/1906 (Sesko, 2010: 249).

Signed: 'Noshu Ju Nagamitsu Saku'

Dated: 1943


Collection or delivery item only.



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