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Untouched WW2 RAD Hewer by Carl Eickhorn

'Carl Eickhorn' 1936-41 Mark

Here on offer is a beautiful original example of a RAD Hewer by Carl Eickhorn.

This massive and very heavy Hewer is in untouched condition and has the lovely thick quality nickel silver mounts that retain a bright finish and could be polished bright if so required.The Hilt is in truly excellent condition with all the silvering remaining to the crossguard, ferrule, grip edges and top beak. The genuine stunning Stag Antler Grip plates are in beautiful toned condition with no damage. They fit the metal grip frame like a “glove”. 
Both the retaining screws and nuts are in place and show very slight surface rust that would clean off. The huge matte finished Blade measures 9.75” (24.5cm) in length and is in excellent condition with just smudgy surface runner marks and one tiny nick to the cutting edge.
On the obverse is etched the RAD motto, Arbeit Adelt”, which translates to “Labour Ennobles”. Most of the blacking remains to the letters; just the last two are slightly fainter. On the reverse ricasso, it has a ‘crisp’ etched Carl Eickhorn ‘Seated Squirrel’ makers trademark, which is the type used between 1935 and 1941. Above the trademark is the RAD triangle with the words “Ges Gesch” below it.

The metal Scabbard shell is straight and retains most of its original black paint. There is some paint loss at the edges and light “spider” crazing. On the reverse is a tiny pin-head dent, which is the only dent I can see. The nickel silver scabbard mounts are in excellent condition. The upper mount has the beautiful RAD curls on both sides and a circular pattern border at the lower edge. The hanger bar is still securely in place and shows no signs of being repaired, which I have seen on a number of examples. The lower mount has the image of the RAD badge on both sides and is in undented condition, which considering this is clearly a worn example, is surprising. There is just slight loss of plating to the lower “bulge”. The thick scabbard throat is still held securely in place and just shows a couple of nicks on the top. All four original mount retaining screws are still in place. The blade fits and “clips” very snuggly into the scabbard. A Fine example of this massive Hewer by the great maker Carl Eickhorn in untouched condition. The Hewer in the scabbard measures a total of 15.7” (39.8cm) long and weighs a heavy 1040g.


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