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***NOW SOLD***c1780 Japanese Armour Russet Iron (Tetsu-Sibiji) Yoroi.

New Inc1780 Japanese Armour Russet Iron (Tetsu).

A superb and original russet iron (Tetsu-Sibiji) Yoroi. This armour is in very good condition for its age and is complete with a hand made oak armour stand, armour box and Menpo (face guard).

Yoroi and Kabuto (Armour) - Mumei (unsigned)

Era: c1780 Middle Edo period (1603-1868)

Special feature: Tetsu-Sibuji (russet iron) armour.

Kabuto: Russet Iron 24 plates Kabuto with imperial family Paulownia Kiri Mon to each Fukigaeshi. This relates to one of the following familes: Kinoshita Toshifusa, Ashimori of Bitchu, Katsuki, Matsudaira, Mori, Ogasawara, Niimi and Wakisaka et al (Chappelear, 1976: 7). The use of the Paulownia became very fashionable in Fujiwara and Kamakura eras. Ranking only to the Chrysanthemum, the Paulownia was exclusively associated with The Imperial Hosehold. by the time of Emperor Godiago, who conferred its use on Ashikaga Takauji, In time Takauji ordered its use by his clan. Later, Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi conferred it on their generals for brave and faithful service. After Hideyoshi's death, the popularity of its use declined, but its use was perpetuated by Daimyo and Hatamoto of the Toyotomi line (Chappelear, 1976: 7).

Menpo: Unsigned. Jidai (period) Mid Edo (1603-1868). Made from iron and Urushi-nori lacquered. Four plated Shikoro. Brown lacquered with moustache and internal red Urushi-lacquer.

Do: Tetsu-Sibiji, Kote (sleeves), O-Sode (shoulder armour), Haidate (thigh defence) and Sunate (shin armour)

*Please note: This price does not include shipping fees.

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