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***NOW SOLD***c1800 26th Light Dragoons Flintlock Pistol in Pristine, Untouched Condition.

A superb original c1800 example. Light Dragoons flintlock pistol. There were 34 regiments of 'fencible' cavalry that were raised in 1794 and 1795 for Home Service only in response to a feared invasion by the French. The word 'fencible' denotes a soldier who has volunteered for service in the United Kingdom and Ireland only. The original owner ...
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***NOW SOLD***c1790 English Blunderbuss.

A wonderful original untouched example.   Maker marked and a super item.
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***New In***c1856 Beaumont–Adams Revolver.

A c1856 Beaumont–Adams Revolver in super condition and untouched. The c1856 Beaumont–Adams revover is a black powder, double action percussion revolver. Originally adopted by the British Army in .442 calibre (54 bore, 11.2 mm) in 1856, it was replaced in British service in 1880 by the .476 calibre (11.6 mm) Enfield MK1 revolver.  
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***New In***French M1822 'Mutzig' Percussion Pistol in Pristine Condition.

A lovely example.  
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*New In*M1915 Bayonet Training Rifle.

 Bayonet M1915 Training Rifle. M1915 bayonet training rifle constructed like a rifle with wood stock and cup steel butt plate the action and barrel are just a tube, with wooden fore stock, containing a large coil spring into which a floating steel rod is secured with a steel disk to the front. UK postage included.
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***COMING SOON***c1790 Blunderbuss.

***COMING SOON***c1790 Blunderbuss ***COMING SOON***c1790 Blunderbuss ***COMING SOON***c1790 Blunderbuss ***COMING SOON***c1790 Blunderbuss
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Victorian 1847 Coast Guard Short Sea Service Tower Pattern Pistol

Victorian 1847 Coast Guard Short Sea Service Tower Pattern Pistol 
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A Rare WW2 Vickers with Tripod, Original Box and Numerous Accessories.

A Rare WW2 Vickers with Tripod, Original Box and Numerous Accessories 
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Newly Listed Cased Pair of Flintlock Pistols c1800

With accessories and in superb condition... 
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New Georgian Pistols Just In....

Beautiful cased pair of duelling pistols, EIC Pistol and a stunning New Land pattern pistol. See the Flintlock and Percussion section for further details. 
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New Stock - 10 Georgian Flintlock, Percussion Pistols and Muskets...

Some outstanding quality items just listed... 1. Long Sea Service Flintlock Pistol by 'Tower' 2. Flintlock Double Barrelled Coaching Pistol by 'Durrs Egg' 3. Flintlock Double Barrelled Coaching Pistol by 'Twigg' 4. Flintlock Saw Handle Duelling Pistol by 'Southern' 5. Pair of Silver Inlaid Pistols by 'Joyner of London' 6. A...
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A Great Show Today at Kempton Vintage and Classic Arms Fair!

We have purchased many new stock items including: 1. Out of print reference books 2. Flintlock pistols 3. Percussion pistols 4. Long guns (percussion and flintlock) 5. Bayonets These will be added/uploaded this coming week - watch this space! 
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New Stock...over 20 new Flintlock and Percussion Pistols and Long Arms...

Quite a few new items coming on 1st October 2019. Watch this space! 
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New Stock...Superb Original Brown Bess Musket c1793

A Brown Bess musket India Pattern c1793. In untouched/ unrestored original condition and an outstanding example of its type. Quite rare now and ready for display. Just how I like to find them.
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A Superb Presentation GV 1897 Pattern Sword by 'Wilkinson' Complete with Research.

A superb presentation GV 1897 pattern sword by 'Wilkinson' complete with research and details of recipient. In near mint condition. Presented to: Second Lieutenant E.G.R. MacDonnell 3rd Battalion Kings (Liverpool) Regiment. Ending up as a Captain Edward Geoffrey Randal MacDonnell died at the ge of 92 on 9th Decemebr 1981. He served in The Queen's R...
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A superb c1830 Four Barrelled (Two Over Two) Percussion Pistol by Lang

A very rare piece and a very impressive original pistol.  
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Superb Cased Pair of English Duelling Percussion Pistols (c1830) Thomas Bond, London.

A wonderful c1830 pair of high quality duelling pistols just listed. Complete with all accessories. 
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New Listings Coming This Week...9th September 2019

We have bought some great items... 1. An Outstanding Gendai-To with Gusoku Armour Mounts (Fully Mounted) Katana by 'Chikuzen Nobumitsu'  2. c1830 A Lovely Percussion Pistol by 'Fenton, London' 3. c1830 An Outstanding Quality Cased Pair of Percussion Duelling Pistols (Maker Marked) 4. Numerous Shingunto with H...
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New Listing - EU De-Activated (Current Specification) Rare WW2 Vickers Machine Gun with Tripod and Other Accessories.

A superb WW2 Vickers machine gun with original crate/ box, tripod, belt with de-activated rounds, oil can, ammunition box and numerous other accessories. This is a very rare find in this condition - as superb Vickers in superb original untouched condition. Complete with current EU de-activation certification. Numerous inspection, proof and date sta...
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New Stock...A Superb Vickers Machine Gun Arrives Tomorrow Fresh from a Private Collection and Complete with all Accessories...

Another superb example fully de-activated and certified.  
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A Lovely Pair of 1924 Dated Presentation Binoculars. Inter-war made binoculars dated 1924 with presentation inscription, as follows: 'PRESENTED TO M A F. DARLINGTON HEAD MASTER H.M.DOCKYARD SCHOOL DEVONPORT'. 'BY THE PAST & PRESNT STUDENTS AND ST...
A Superb WW1 1895 Pattern Infantry Officers' Sword by 'Armfield Ltd. Birmingham'. A very good WW1 era 1895 Pattern infantry officer's sword. It has a nickel-plated sheet steel, half-basket style, Guard with a Ray-skin-grip, wrapped with twisted brass...
WW1 and WW2 Bayonets and a Superb Boer War Leather bound Swagger Stick. ***1907 Bayonet - NOW SOLD***...
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German WW1 S98/05 Saw Back "Butcher's Blade" Bayonet. The bayonet was originally issued in two patterns, one with a saw back and one without. The saw back version was known as the S98/05 m.S. (mit Säge - with saw). Only 6% of S98/05 bayonets were mad...
An early example RZM and maker marked SS Mans Dagger by Karl Tiegel M7/81 RZM 1241/1939. SS. This is an early example with a very good quality grip and well fiitted eagle. The grip mounts are the early plated variety and the SS rune is in excellent c...
A really rare example with beautiful leather stitched grips in super condition with lovely hardwood shaft. A beautiful quality example and a rare maker marked 'MILLS MUNITIONS LTD, BIRMINGHAM' - 'PATENT NO: 20857/13 (1913)'. This is a private purchas...
In lovely sleepy condition ad obsolete calibre (.577/ 450) legal to own and purchase in the UK. Profusely marked and a lovely untouched example....

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