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***New In***Small Collection of British Bayonets.

A small collection of 4 British bayonets including: 1. 1907 pattern bayonet by 'Sanderson' complete with original scabbard 2. 1917 'Remington' Home Guard bayonet complete with scabbard and frog 3. No. 4 Bayonet with scabbard and frog  4. No. 4 Bayonet with scabbard.

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***More New Items***Just Arrived...

1. A nice WW2 dated and maker marked ARP Helmet 2. WW2 Medal Group (4) in Original Issue Named and Addressed Box  3. WW2 Medal Group (4)  in Original Issue Named and Addressed Box 4. WW1 Hungarian Trench Knife and Scabbard 5. Victorian Lee Metford Bayonet with Scabbard (Beautifully Marked) 6. WW1 German Iron Cross EKII ...

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***New In***Various Items of Militaria.

1. Victorian 1897 Pattern Sword  2. French Gras bayonet 3. WW2 Czech Bayonet  4. FN FAL Bayonet with Flash Guards 5.  Rare WW2 Italian Bayonet 6. WW2 'Rogers' Navy Jack Knife 7. WW1 Soldiers Queen Mary Tin 8. African Maasai Spear  9. African Maasai Spear 10. African Zulu Assegai Spear 11.&...

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***New In***EIIR 1897 Wilkinson Produced Officers Sword (Personalised) all in Mint Condition.

Ref: 3414 - EIIR 1897 Wilkinson Produced Officers Sword (Personalised) all in Mint Condition. The finest condition example probably available today and a very poinient example given that we have recenly lost our wonderful Queen, HM Queen Elizabeth II. A pritine example, personalised by the officer that previously owned it (initials included in...

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***New In***WW2 K98 Bayonet and Frog.

A nice original example in very nice condition. Numerous markings to blade, scabbard and pommel. Blade is in mint condition, beautifully marked and ready to go with your K98 rifle or simply to display as a stand alone item. This bayonet is fresh to the market having been one item in a collection that has not see the light of day for over 50 years!

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***New In***EIIR Royal Navy Officers' Sword by 'Wilkinson' (HW Plugged) Crown Swords, England.

EIIR Royal Navy Officers' Sword by 'Wilkinson' (HW Plugged) Crown Swords, England. A Royal Navy Officers' Sword in excellent condition and ready for parade use by a serving Naval Officer. 'HW' plugged (Henry Wilkinson), but a conserved piece by Crown Swords, England. Complete with scabbard, dress knot and belt/ hangers. Crown Swords, England curren...

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***NOW SOLD***Some Rare Items...

Some great new arrivals... - A Large WW2 German Railway Eagle Fully Maker Marked/ Stamped ***NOW SOLD*** - The Order of St. John Medal Grouping to a Dame (Lady)  ***NOW SOLD*** - WW2 K98 Bayonet  - Victorian Solid Silver Pocket Watch

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***Please Note***Our Antique Shop Will Be Late Opening on Saturday 4th March.

***Please Note***Our Antique Shop Will Be Late Opening on Saturday 4th March - our opening hours will be 1200-1500 hrs.  Regards, AA&M

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***New In***Antique Dayak Spear Head.

A beautiful example of, what we believe to be, a Dayak spear head. Very ornate and excellent quality. This item has been in a private collection for many years and this is the first time it has been offered for sale and is, therefore, fresh to the market.  

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***New In***A Super Quality Cossacks Sword (Shashka) with Arsenal Marks to the Forte and Beautifully Etched Panel Dedication to Blade:

A super quality Cossacks sword (Shashka) with arsenal marks to the Forte and beautifully etched panel dedication to blade: 'THIS SWORD WAS TAKEN FROM A COSSACK OF THE RED BOLSHEVIK FORCES BY R. A. JUDD HMS MARLBOROUGH DURING THE RETREAT OF THE DENIKINS ARMY CRIMEA'. The blade and entire sword is in excellent condition and a very rare peice having o...

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***NOW SOLD***A Small Collection of Knives.

A small collection of vintage knives including WW1 and WW2 examples.   War Department and Solingen examples.  ***TOP KNIFE NOW SOLD***

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***New In***Post 1953 RAF Great Coat.

In mint condition and having been purchased directly from the 34 year RAF serviceman. Complete with original rank and qualification insignia. A very fine 1960s example in near mint condition as the RAF serviceman had only worn it on about 6 occasions!  

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***New In***Martini Henry .577/ 450 Rounds and Rare WW1 Stanhope.

Martini Henry .577/ 450 Rounds (deactivated and obsolete calibre) and rare WW1 Stanhope ware. Nice items that are rarely available.  Price on our website is per round (each!).

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***NOW SOLD***A Nice Selection of Items.

1. A Superb Early SA Dagger (Veteran purchase, maker marked and never been taken apart)  ***NOW SOLD*** 2. A Nice Early 1934 Pattern Luftwaffe Officers Dagger (veteran purchase and maker marked) **NOW SOLD*** 3. Lee Enfield Rifle (Deactivated) ***NOW SOLD*** 4. WW1 Webley MKVI Revolver (Deactiv...

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***NOW SOLD***

We have returned from our business trip with some great items! We re-open on Tuesday 14th February (0900-1500 hrs). We look forward to welcoming you to our antique shop and delightful Devon of course!  Regards, AA&M 

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***New In***A Koto Period Naginata/ Haramaki Naoshi Wakizashi in Koshirae.

Koto period example (pre-1596). Signed: Kaneyuki (兼行) or Kanemune (兼宗). Hamon visible in places but obscured as the sword is in old polish and this has becaome quite cloudy. The balde has a beautiful Sori and is of the style referred to as Naginata/ Haramaki Naoshi. This is a good candidate for conservation and is mounted in a nice early Koshi...

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***Our Antique Shop Will Be Closed Due To A Business Trip***See Description For Closure Dates.

We will be closed on the following dates: Closed Thursday 2nd February to the 13th February inclusive.  Re-opening as usual with our normal trading days and times from Tuesday 14th February 2023. We look forward to seeing you upon our return. Regards, AA&M

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***NOW ALL SOLD***A Small Collection of Militaria.

Including bayonets, medals, dress caps, helmets and other related items. These will be listed over the next few days.  We are constantly buying in new stock items so keep and eye on our Blog or visit us in our antique shop in delightful Devon!  

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***Collection of WW2 German Medals and Awards Just In***

***MEDALS PICTURED NOW SOLD*** A really nice selection of original WW2 German medals and awards have just arrived and will not last long!  Always popular and getting very hard to find nowadays,

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***NOW ALL SOLD***A Small Collection of Militaria.

Just a small selection of items just in....lots more to follow and some really nice rare items will be available soon.

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