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***NOW SOLD***Early 1933 SA EM Dagger by Rare Maker (McSarr Scale 7).

A superb early example with solid nickel fitting and never taken apart with wonderful patinia. Anodised scabbard and an outstanding example. The Hammesfahr & Co. Messer- und Scheren Fabrik company traces its beginnings back to Hugo Hammesfahr prior to 1897, then Gustav Hammesfahr in 1919. The company registered with the Solingen chamber of comm...

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***NOW SOLD***Early 1938 'Blut und Ehre' Etched Hitler Youth (HJ) Dagger by Rare Maker.

Early 1938 'Blut und Ehre' etched Hitler Youth (HJ) dagger by rare maker. A nice early example in untouched original condition. A nice etch with good clear makers marks, etc. Available to view and purchase in our shop here in delightful Devon. 

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***NOW SOLD***Nice Early Quality WW2 Luftwaffe Second Pattern (1937) Officers Dagger Complete with Straps and Knot in Superb Condition.

A lovely original example here and a complete set ready to enjoy, research and display. The most popular type for collectors with a deep orange grip. A superb example...  

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***New In***WW2 German 1933 SA Dagger , 1937 Luftwaffe Dagger, WW1 Medals, WW2 Medals, and Militaria Selection.

- Luftwaffe Second Pattern (1937) Dagger ***NOW SOLD*** - WW1 Naval Medal Group ***NOW SOLD*** Lots of new items have just arrived and available to view and purchase in our antique shop here in delightful Devon. All to be listed this week... See you soon! 

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***NOW SOLD***WW2 German SS Dagger by Karl Tiegel, Riemberg (M7/81).

ᛋᛋ  A superb mid-period example (1939) WW2 German Enlisted Mans SS Dagger by Karl Tiegel, Riemberg (M7/81). A really nice honest example with a mint blade and great fittings.   Nice SS dagger's are very hard to find and this one is a very nice example.  Available to view in our antique shop here in Tavistock, Devo...

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***NOW SOLD***A WW2 NPEA (National Political Educational Institute Nationalpolitische Erziehungsanstalt) Dagger Blade and Solid Nickel Fittings.

A Very Rare WW2 National Political Educational Institute (Nationalpolitische Erziehungsanstalt) NPEA Dagger Blade and Fittings. This is a rare opportunity to buy an original 'Karl Burgsmüller' blade with original maker marked (inside) solid nickel top and bottom (numbered) mounts and retaining nut. All that is needed to complete this dagger is an o...

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***New In***Antique German Hunting Hangers.

Two lovely antique German hunting hangers have just come in are superb examples of their type. both are in lovely original condition and would sit well in any collection.  These can be viewed at our antique shop in delightful Devon. 

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***New In***WW2 German Naval Officers Dagger by 'Carl Eickhorn' (1935-1941 Mark).

WW2 German Naval Officers Dagger by 'Carl Eickhorn' (1935-1941 Mark). A good example that is in honest condition and priced very well in todays market. The grip has one very minor crack, but this does not detract and the dagger is complete and honest. This is a pick up item only as we will not post edged items through the post, we do offer a s...

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***New In***Two (2) WW2 German Naval Officer's Daggers by 'Carl Eickhorn' (1935-1941) Marks.

Just arrived in our antique shop! Two very nice and original WW2 German Naval officer's daggers by 'Carl Eickhorn' (1935-1941) Marks. These two have been in a private collection for over 17 years and this is the first time they have been offered for sale since then.  Two good honest examples ready to enjoy. 

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***Now Arrived!***Two (2) More WW2 German Naval Officer Dagger's by 'Carl Eickhorn' (1935-41. Mark).

We have another two WW2 German Naval Officer dagger coming in and these will be listed soon. Both are maker marked 'Carl Eickhorn' carrying the 1935-41 marks.  Both are very nice examples.

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***NOW SOLD RP***WW2 Navy Officer's (Kriegsmarine) Dagger by 'Carl Eickhorn'.

WW2 Navy Officers' (Kriegsmarine) Dagger by 'Carl Eickhorn'. 'Carl Eickhorn'. (1935-1941 Mark). A lovely original example in superb condition. 

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***New In***Rare WW2 German 3rd Battalion, 13th Company Infantry Frog and Dress Knot.

Rare WW2 German 3rd Battalion, 13th Company Infantry Frog and Dress Knot. A rare set to find in such wonderful condition. Both frog and knot have been together all of their working lives and are in super condition.  (Angolia, 1971: 293). 

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***ALL NOW SOLD***WW2 German SS, Heer, Luftwaffe and Naval Daggers.

A small collection of WW2 NS German daggers. - always popular with collectors and we anticipate that this collection will not last long and  sell very quickly. This small collection of daggers are in lovely original condition. Available to view in our antique shop when we re-open on the 2nd January, if they do not sell...

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***NOW SOLD***A Beautiful Early NSFK/ DLV Dagger.

A beautiful early NSFK/ DLV dagger by SMF with original scabbard and leather hanger. All early solid nickel fittings and a wonderful example. The blade is in near mint condition and the whole dagger is in outstanding condition. Probably the finest early example available anywhere! 

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***New In***WW2 German Luftwaffe Officer's Sword by 'Carl Eickhorn (1935-1941 Marking).

A nice original example with all heavy nickel mounts. A very good original untouched example. 

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***NOW SOLD***Two Early WW2 German Daggers.

- An Early SA dagger by rare maker  'HERBERTZ & MEURER SOLINGEN-GR' ( Rated: 7 McSARR). - A lovely Early Quality Hitler Youth (HJ) Dagger by 'RICH. ABR. HERDER. SOLINGEN'.

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***Early WW2 German Army (Heer) Dagger by 'WKC'.

A very nice untouched original example in wonderful original condition. Maker marked 'WKC' and a very nice early example. Blade is near mint condition and with a needle tip.  An outstanding piece.   ***NB. Straps not included*** 

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***NOW SOLD***WW2 German Awards.

Superb early quality WW2 German awards just in!  Early heavy weight examples in outstanding condition having been framed for over 78 years! Purchased directly form a small WW2 veteran family collection. In super condition and highly desirable.

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***NOW SOLD***WW2 Hitler Youth (HJ) Dagger.

A family obtained example having never been offered to the collecting community before and been in the family since the end of WW2. A rare vairation on the grip here as it is in wood with the HJ diamond. The grip and HJ diamond fits perfecty and, given this has come staright from the family since it was brougt back after WW2, we feel that this is a...

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***NOW SOLD***Some Rare Items...

Some great new arrivals... - A Large WW2 German Railway Eagle Fully Maker Marked/ Stamped ***NOW SOLD*** - The Order of St. John Medal Grouping to a Dame (Lady)  ***NOW SOLD*** - WW2 K98 Bayonet  - Victorian Solid Silver Pocket Watch

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