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***Nihon-To (Japanese Sword) Collection Arriving Friday 26th August 2022***

This collection is arriving and we have lots of people waiting to view them - so if you are interested be quick!  The collection includes: Koto, Shinto, Shinshinto and Gendai-To pieces. There are some lovely examples in this collection and it consists of Katana, Wakizashi and Tanto. A warm welcome awaits you at our antique shop in delightful D...

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***Small Collection of Nihon-To***

***Please note the Wakizashi in the middle of the picture  is now sold** Not the large collection, which is due in in a months time! This small collection consists of two Katana, Two Wakizashi and some fittings.  Koto and Shinto pieces.  A lot more Nihon-To to come very soon!

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Nihon-To Collection Due in Very Soon...

Nihon-To Collection Due in in two weeks time... Including Koto, Shinto, Shinshinto as well as Meiji, Taisho and Showa examples. This collection contains Tachi/ Katana, Wakizashi and Tanto - all excellent quality and highly desirable. The collection will be available to view and purchase from our antique shop premises, where, as our regular clients ...

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Nihon-To Collection Due in Very Soon...

Nihon-To Collection Due in Very Soon... Including Koto, Shinto, Shinshinto as well as Meiji, Taisho and Showa examples. This collection contains Tachi/ Katana, Wakizashi and Tanto - all excellent quality and highly desirable.  The collection will be available to view and purchase from our antique shop premise...

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***Coming Soon***Large Private Collection of Nihon-To (Japanese Swords).

A nice private collection of Nihon-To including Katana and Tanto. These will not be listed on our website, but will be available in our antique shop for viewing and purchase. Koto, Shinto and Shinshinto pieces in this lovely quality collection.  These will be available in a few weeks time. 

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One of Ours! Nihon-To by Mukansa Tosho 'Yakuwa Yasutake'

Yakuwa Yasutake was born in 1909 in Yamagata Prefecture. In 1935 he became a swordsmith member of the Yasukumi Shrine. In 1944 he received his name of "Yasutake". In 1981 he received a Masamune prize for his work, the highest award for living swordsmiths and became a Mukansa. He passed away in 1983.  For reference only and not for sale. -...

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***We Always Stock Antique/ Genuine Nihon-To***

We have many original Nihon-To (Japanese swords) in stock and now only sell these directly from our Antique shop in delightful Devon. The reason for us not placing them on our website is that we prefer face-to-face interactions with our clients, especially when examining, discussing and appraising genuine Nihon-To. In addition, we like to meet and ...

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***Original Japanese Swords (Nihon-To)***Only Available in our Antique Shop...

We have Japanese swords coming in and going out all of the time from our antique shop in delightful Devon. Many examples we do not put on our website as we like to save these for local collectors and visitors to our premises. Just because it is not on our website does not mean we do not have what you are looking for!  We look forward to w...

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***NOW SOLD***c1293-1301 Bizen Osafune Nagamitsu (備前長光) Yoroi Doshi Tanto.

Bizen Nagamitsu (備前長光) was the son of Bizen Mitsutada (備前光忠) who was the founder of the Bizen Osafune School (備前長船). The works by Nagamitsu (長光) closely resemble the craftsmanship developed by Mitsutada (光忠). This is especially true in his early career. There were two generations of smiths who used the name Nagamitsu (長光). The first generation Naga...

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Newly Arrived Gendai-To in Stock.

Go to the Japanese sword section of our website to see the updates and new stock. 

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Amatsu Tomita Gendai-To in Quality Koshirae.

MASAKIYO (正清), Shōwa (昭和, 1926-1989), Shimane – 'Masakiyo' (正清), his real name was Amatsu Tomita (天津富太), born 1884, he worked as a Rikgun Jumei Tosho, Kihin no Retsu (Akihide), 1st Seat at the 6th Shinsaku Nihontō Denrankai (新作日本刀展覧会, 1941). This is a handmade Tamahagane gendaito of very fine quality. Mei: Yukumo Masakiyo Date: Shōwa (昭和,...

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Nihon-To (Japanese Sword) Shipping to the United States Suspended.

Given the current global COVID restrictions and the difficulties in shipping to the US, as highlighted on numerous Japanese sword social media sites recently, we as a business have taken the decision not to ship to the US until further notice. Thank you for your understanding during these very challenging times.  

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Another 5* Google Business Review.

Another 5* Google Business review from one of our valued clients: RA: I was looking for a good genuine gendaito for a while now and found armoury antiques and militaria, what a pleasure it was and such a lovely place and excellent knowledge of militaria. I'm in to nihonto japanese swords and found there knowledge very educational. I was interested ...

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Another Nihon-To (Japanese Sword) by 水府住藤原徳重. We have had polished by our polisher that is ready now for delivery to one of our clients...

Another Nihon-To (Japanese Sword) We have had polished by our polisher that is ready now for delivery to one of our clients... 

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***New In***Nihon-To Koto, Shinto and Gendai-To.

- A Koto (pre-1596) Mumei Yoroi Doshi Tanto in Full Koshirae - A Shinto (c1700) Naginata Naoshi Wakizashi in Shirasaya and Full Polish - A Gendai-To (c1940) Civilian Mounted Signed Gendai-to  

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New Stock of Original Japanese Swords Arriving Today...

We have some Nihon-To arriving today and these will be listed over the next few days. 

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